mike-greenMike Green

Mike is a licensed electrical engineer with over 25 years of experience in electrical engineering and industrial automation. He built the technical department of the Arava Power Company at its inception, heading its engineering department to enable the company to become Israel's leading solar developer, implementing the largest solar projects in the country. Mike is currently working with the Israel Standards Institute to write the standards for building roof mounted PV systems and represents Israel in the IEA-PVPS Task 13, researching the efficiency and reliability of PV systems.
Mike is a technical advisor to Israel's largest banks investing in utility grade PV power plants and acts as "owners' engineer" for developers building multi-megawatt plants both in Israel and Europe.
Mike has performed feasibility studies for utility grade PV power plants to be built in developing countries including Haiti, Rwanda, Ecuador and others, aiding the local utilities in understanding the impact of large scale PV penetration on their often fragile grids.

DrBrillEyal Brill Ph.D

Dr. Brill is an expert on machine learning. He has a post-doctoral degree from the University of Maryland and is Deputy Head of the MOT faculty at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

Dr. Brill is also managing the committee proposing a new ISO standard for water quality early warning. He has more than twenty years of experience in real time industrial systems and large database management.


raymond-chazanRaymond Chazan

Raymond is a qualified Industrial Designer with over two decades of practical experience in Digital Media. He is a social network consultant to a number of solar energy companies and is a pioneer in the field of Cross Media Marketing. Raymond has extensive experience in creating specific industry campaigns to clients in Israel, US, Europe, Southern Africa and their affiliates.
He is a graduate of both Bezalel and Cape Town University.
He has years of experience in selling and devising relevant practical selling tools and presentations and now specializes in the PV industry.


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